The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A Metric Butt Tonne of Updateage (take 4)

So there's a problem with XJournal (Mac LJ Client) that explodes it if you try to use the built in spell checker, and apparently other things as well. Hopefully this update will have fixed it. Please forgive misspellages.

So no shit, there I was, chatting with that caulk whore, melibabe, over IM* when I realized everything I was telling her had been promised in updates to the public at large via the medium that is the good old ElJay. So, without further ado, here we go...

Thanks to some strong support and praise singing from the sexy and intelligent wildpaletz, I was asked to come on board with the experiment I'd been participating in for the last couple years as a "training facilitator." The cool thing is that I spend 3.5 of my 8 years of undergrad work in Penn State's Aerospace Engineering program. I always wanted to work in the Space Program. But then I realized I liked people more than my calculator, and changed that up a bit. So this dream is kinda sorta being realized, which is awesome. I can't publicly really talk about what I *DO* because there's a possibility that I might somehow skew the study results, but it's not top secret, so I don't have to kill anyone who finds out.

I started my new duties as Wine Monkey last week by moving and cataloging over 300 bottles of wine that ranged in price from $80 to $300 each. I can't even begin to tell you how tired and sore I was. bripadme could, though, because she got to watch me sleep through my dinner that night. But as of 10/1, I'm insured, so I'll be able to ski this season. WOO!!

We just signed a deal with to supply content for their new site (tentatively named Free Zone) in exchange for an ad revenue split. It's non-exclusive, so we can keep doing everything else we do, but if folks watch our stuff there, apparently we'll get a few cents for it. Most of today was spent extracting individual sketches from the half hour season one episodes. Wheeee!

We're not shooting nearly as much as usual, lately, but with all this other stuff going on, Lon and I just don't have the brainpower to move things forward like we used to, and our cast is dwindling due to natural causes, and no one who's left is really interested in helping to pick up the slack. We need one more obsessive compulsive genious to help keep things moving. Seriously.

I've started work on the next song parody, too. This one is a spoof on Justin Timberlake's new "Sexy Back" called "Brittany Back." It's all about how Brittany is a white trash bimbo. Somewhere in this paragraph, there's a link to my test audio for the song. It's a brief snippet in which I was testing the audio filters to try to match them to the original song so my voice sounded as distorted as Mr. Timberlake's does on the original.

She doesn't really REPRESENT me as an agent, but she does casting for local TV/FILM stuff. Her name is Wendy Yi, and she works in Mountain View, and occasionally she hooks me up with cool jobs with Safeway (3 times now) and eBay (I was an eBay University Student!). She's really cool, and hopefully I'll have put in enough time soon to start getting more meaty rolls.

Yeah, not so much. Feh, can't have EVERYTHING.

Got some new lens toys from dad last visit, so I have to go out and play with them soon. Hopefully will get my photos of Bumpass Hell uploaded soon to share.

Some of you have heard whisper of a new project I've got in the works that I'm not talking about. Well, I'm still not talking, but it's getting closer. No, seriously, it is.

WEB DESIGN is mostly done. WHEE. Still working on

And I think that's it...


* Did you know taht originally, IMs were called OLMs (On Line Messages)? I knew. :)

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