The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Day of the Dumb

Wow, what a day...

After last night's declaration of creative intent, I did just as I said.  I wrote till about 3AM, fell asleep, woke back up with more ideas at 5:30, wrote until 8, fell asleep again, was woken up by the phone at 9 (it was for me), slept till 10:30, then got up and went to work.

Damn I'm tired.

Everyone at work was dealing with people who were just... not smart.  It went on all day.  And it started getting kinda creepy.  It was like there was an IQ threshold to call our phone line.  "Maximum IQ Clearance: 32"  Being tired on top of all that... crimeny.

The lovely and horny effervescent bripadme joined me for post work dinner at the restaurant, and then we adjourned to go see Man of the Year.  Not the movie I expected, but it was really good.  I love Lewis Black.  Christopher Walkin still scares me.

We parked in one of the garages near the theater where it's free after six.  So when we were done, we got back in bripadme's car, drove to the little exit gateway, put our ticket in, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then we started hitting buttons.


The phone was out of service, so we called the number on the sign that said "The phone is out of service, call this number if you have problems," and got the answering machine.  So I got out of the car and went over to the ENTRY pagoda and tried to use that phone.  No answer.

By this point, I noticed the truck parked in the "5 minute parking only" spot.  The guys walking back to it were what alerted me.  They, too, were a victim of the "Gate too stupid to open" syndrome.  So I called the San Jose Police.

"Hi!  We're stuck in this parking garage and can't get our vehicles out.  We don't want to damage the property here, so we'd love it if you could come tell us what we should do."

At this point, an officer happened to drive by, and we tried waving him down.  He waved back and kept driving.  DOH!

But he quickly realized his mistake, flipped on his lights, and backed himself up to where we were.  We explained the situation, he got out.  Tried everything we tried (by this time two other police cars had arrived) and basically said, "No freakin clue, man."

Just as we were about to jack his police car and park it on the entry trigger to get new entry tickets (the exit on the OTHER side of the building was letting people out), the maintenance truck came driving down the exit ramp.  So the little man with the broom used his magic key to let us all out.  Holy crap.

At the stoplight at Third and Santa Clara, one of the three police cars was stopped, so I rolled down my window and thanked the officer in the car for coming and assisting us in our plight.  As the window rolled down there was this strong wind/sucking sound.  I thought it was just the window and air, but no, it was bripadme's IQ dropping 60 points as she gazed at the "OH MY GOD SO HOT COP IN UNIFORM!"  I swore we were going to get pulled over for drunk driving, because she totally lost all control of her faculties.  Thank goodness for her that she's headed home to her husband on Friday. :)

So now I'm home.

Oh, yeah, I have an audition tomorrow that just got re-re-scheduled for noon.  Send me loving thoughts right about then.


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