The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

#73: When it rains, it pours...

So I was doing the NASA thing all weekend, which was awesome and exhausting at the same time. 25 hours of work between Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Then this morning I had to meet with my South Bay casting agent (we'd actually never met face to face before), and THAT was a hugely productive meeting, and she seemed genuinely excited to get me more work. 

Now I'm at the restaurant for another half an hour or so (been here since 11:30).

Just got a call that there was an emergency dropout of one of the participants of the study I was facilitating the training for over the weekend, and so they've asked me to sit in to fill the void.

That means tomorrow I'll have this schedule:

6:00 Get up to shower so I don't get in esmerelCarla's way.
7:00 Vote.
7:30 Leave the house for San Francisco.
10:05 AM Callback for HBO commercial in San Francisco (somewhere I've not been before).
12:00 Audition for "IT Guys Gone Wild" in San Francisco (at the Casting Agency).
2:00 NASA for briefing with my new "Team" in Mountain View
4:30 La Pastaia -- Sharks Game Night in San Jose.
11:00 Home (East Side Represent!).
11:03 Sleep (Bed Side Represent!).

Oh, no, they changed things.

6:00 Get up
6:30 Leave for SF.
9:00 Rescheduled HBO Audition SF Location 1
10:30 Rescheduled "IT" audition SF Location 2
12:00 Vote SJ East Side
2:00 NASA for briefing with my new "Team" in Mountain View
4:30 La Pastaia -- Sharks Game Night in SJ.
11:00 Home SJ East Side
11:03 Sleep SJ Bed Side

I'm not sure why I do this to myself, but I'm a hell of a lot happier when it's happening :)
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