The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

I'm sorry, but...

... if you're treating the results of this election like the results of a sporting event (either cheering or lamenting) then you're part of the problem with this country.  If you're looking at this as anything other than a large number of people expressing a desire to change the way we're doing things, then you're part of the problem.  If you're wanting/fearing that the changes will be swift and drastic (for or against your side), rather than articulate and equitable to EVERYONE on every side, then you're part of the problem.

They changed the way the Oscars were handed out.  It's no longer "And the winner is..." it's now "And the Oscar goes to..."  I think a similar change needs to be made with political office.  Because you don't win the office.  If you are elected, the office is not, nor will it ever be YOURS.  The office belongs to the people, who are entrusting it to you to do with it such that the country benefits.  Got that?  The COUNTRY.  Not the party, not the lobbiests, not the campaign contributors, but the country-- all of it.  Everyone on every side.

Nothing is going to change for the better until we get over the US versus THEM mentality that this two party monopoly (biopoly?) has caused us to adopt.  Nothing is going to change until our politicians (and, by default, us) stop thinking of the party first and the country second.  Nothing is going to change until everyone can figure out how to share ALL of the toys in the ENTIRE sandbox, people.

There has been a call for change.  Many people think that the current system is not working properly, and it needs to be fixed.  If everyone works TOGETHER to fix it, it may actually work right again someday.  But if we just keep grabbing it back and forth and trying to make it work only in the way one side or the other wants it to, it's just going to break more, and eventually stop working all together.  And THEN we'll be in a world of shit.

Glad there's a call for change
Sad that there's gloating about it

Edit: I am, of course, only referring to the congressional elections, not the balot measures or changes to law.
Tags: rant
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