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Prying eyes...

My baloney has a first's A M B E R
My baloney has a second name it's puking in the sink


Okay, yes, I've been reading other people's journals and not told anyone else where mine is, or that it exists yet. But do they REALLY care? Dunno. In some ways, this all seems to be some sort of ostentatious bullshit to entertain other people... but I do that every week anyway. Do I really put down the things I think and feel? Will people look at me like some sort of social/emotional leper? My one saving grace is my sense of tact. I know when and when not to say certain things (and tend to air on the not side). Do I let that decide what I'm going to write about?

Nahhh, fuckit. If folks get uncomfortable about what they read or upset about what I feel I guess they'll just have to tell me, eh?

Hey! HTML tags work!

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