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Color me Wicked Retahded

So my friend Juliette from Boston is due to be in town this weekend. So I've made sure a good portion of my schedule is clear so that we can hang out when she's free.

About 10 minutes ago, I get a phone call. I pick up, and it's my friend Julia, who spent most of the summer here. Now, I knew she said she'd be back sometime in November for a release party for the product she was working on, but I wasn't expecting it to be before the actual WEEKEND. So she asks what I'm doing tomorrow, and I tell her I'm waiting for a call from ANOTHER friend who's supposed to be in town. She asks if I want to hit the Winchester house tomorrow, which we'd talked about doing before, and I say "Sure!! My other friend was thinking about doing that, too... if we time it right, maybe we can all go together!" So we make plans to check in tomorrow morning to figure out what's going on.

And then we hang up.

And then I look at the phone number that called me.

It's a Boston area phone number.

I was talking to Juliette, not to Julia.

I am so retahded.

So I called Juliette back, straightened everything out, and we're meeting tomorrow for lunch and Winchestery goodness.

Julia, when exactly are YOU coming back???

Women shoudn't be allowed to have such similar voices... there was even a hint of "that accent" don'cha'know.
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