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#70: A day in the life...

So the last 24 hours.  Holy crap.

Hell, let's go back a week and a day, why don't we.  So technically, this is "A week and a day in the life..."

If you remember back to last Monday, the 27th of November, I had a pitch meeting with the representatives of a Fortune 500 company.  They were looking for comedy sketch ideas, aimed a the target demographic for a new product that will be launched in January, Males 18-27.  I went into the meeting and pitched five sketch ideas in half an hour, and came out feeling pretty good about myself.

Within 24 hours, one of the sketches had been greenlit, and 12 hours after that, a second sketch was as well.  Cue the 24 sound effects, because now was the time for the clock to start ticking.  All of sketches needed to be completed by 12/15.  The first sketch that was greenlit was originally scheduled for last Sunday to be shot... six days after it was pitched.  Luckily for me, we couldn't book a camera crew for that day and had to push it back to Tuesday (today).  This actually gave me time to, you know, book a cast and get the props and stuff.

As last week crept by, I kept finding out more and more about this gig.  My camera and sound guys had Emmys.  I had a props budget.  And I was going to get to compensate my actors. 

I was also turning the pitch into a script.  I managed to get Tuesday and Wednesday off from the restaurant and sat in front of my computer writing dialog, calculating time zones and translating "Happy New Years!" into a bunch of different languages with the help of some awesome friends.

Thursday was Moron Life night, and we had a good production meeting, and we came up with the whole concept of Michael Richards hating Wookies.  So THAT obsession took over and I spent the rest of the night (and many of the wee hours of the next morning) creating fabricated Michael Richards video footage.  Friday was a quiet day of trying to wrangle actors while my Executive Producers were in LA meeting with the head of Universal Digital Film (oh yeah, baby, I'm SERIOUSLY connected right now).  Friday night was back to the restaurant.

Saturday, I slept in.  Friday night was a long and winding banquet that kept me out till pretty late... then I was too wired to sleep, so I watched BSG before dozing off around 3:00AM.  Saturday afternoon I called my mum for her birthday, and that night was a concert night.  I made some serious bank, which was awesome, but again I went home late with achy feets.

So Sunday rolls around, and my script is okayed, so I bolt to start my prop shopping.  The new shopping center on Taylor and Coleman? AWESOME.  Between Michaels, Cost Plus, Target and Office Depot, I knocked out 80% of the non-food items on my prop list.  Then back to the restaurant for another busy night, followed by late dinner at my boss' house after giving his woman a ride home from work.

Monday morning (yesterday), I'm up and out of the house bright and early.  Off to the costume shop for more props/costumes.  Then to the restaurant to manage.  Then to my Executive Producer's place (at like 8:30) to discuss script changed handed down by the Production Manager, set up shot lists and hit Walmart for some NEW props needed to accommodate script changes.  11:00, swing by Lon's place to pick up the completed Michael Richards footage, then back to the restaurant to snag some glasses and coffee cups to use for the shoot.  THEN home to convert and upload the completed Michael Richards footage while preparing and sorting props for the next morning.  Discover another check from my casting agent in my mail for the second Safeway shoot I did... bonus cash, cause I thought I'd already been paid.  Bed around 2:00 AM.

Which brings us to this morning.  Alarm goes off at 7.  Reset for 7:30.  Snooze. Snooze. Snooz-- lawn guys.  So I get up.  Shower, load up the car, talk to ExecProducer on the phone, head to his place with a stop at Jamba (around 9:15).  We run to CostCo to pick up craft services stuff and the food props.  He calls the camera guy to see if we can get a helicopter and a steady cam by 1:00.  He was trying to freak the camera guy out, but apparently we COULD have had a helicopter and steady cam by 1:00 if we'd really wanted it.  Off to the Moron Life studio to pick up the last of the props, then we get to the location.

slateWe got started a little later than anticipated.  But the cast was on the ball, as was the crew, and we actually made up time as we went.  They took my direction well, and did wonders with the script provided.  We had alot of fun, and completed everything within six hours (we'd budgeted 8).  I limped home (I was on my feet all day) to be greeted by the roommates, Heroes, Studio 60, my Zuit Suit for my Roaring 20s photo gig on Saturday, and a note from NASA asking me back for another weekend of space goodness in January.

So, seriously, all in all it was an awesome day.  And the best part.  Papi gets PAID for it.

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