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The only way out is up...

So we at Moron Life have actually been seriously discussing how to do things better alot lately.

And by we, I mean me an Lon, because the two of us are the heart and soul of the show.

We know we don't do everything perfectly.  There are a million ways we can do things better, and as this is a learning process for both of us, slowly we're ditching the things that don't work, and trying new ones.

Yesterday, Moron Life hired a Marketing Director.

Granted, we're only paying her an annual salary of $0, but she's really excited to help out, and she's got a proven track record with several local bands, and really, that's where we need to start.  Local press.  So there you have it.

I spent most of today in my fleece bathrobe and TiVo slippers.  Granted, I was fully dressed underneath, but the house was a bit chilly today.  And when your hands are so cold that you hesitate to go to the bathroom for fear of giving your dangler frostbite... I needed the comfort of my bathrobe.

Productive activities included capturing and doing a rough edit on a sketch (captures from different cameras on the same take line up PERFECTLY with the audio stream... captures from different takes don't line up, duh), scanning in the majority of my receipts from Moron Life and CRC (I think someone's going to have to do my taxes this year (Receipt Wallet RULES)), watching poorly streamed episodes of Ugly Betty at (VERY smart new show on Thursday nights), and picking out the spice for merlinofchaosTurk to use on the pork loin he made tonight (an awesome choice if I do say so myself).

I was supposed to be at NASA all weekend, but they had some participants cancel, so the study got pushed back.  Which means no work for me!!  Yay for me time, boo for no money.  On the up side, though, this leaves my Sunday free, which is good because I was asked to be one of the Selection Committee for the participants in the 2007 San Francisco Improv Festival.  Oh yes, I have the power of "OH NO, NOT THEM!!"  ::flex::

Got to chat for a little bit with yabracadavre on IM, which is always a treat.  Oh!  And I started a set piece for an upcoming Moron Life sketch mocking game shows.

And I think that pretty much wraps up my day.

One more Ugly Betty, then bed.

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