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Blah blah blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah biscuit.

Good lord, what a day.  Oh, right, and week.  Oh, yeah, and year so far.

Let's start small.  I should have known when the kid at Jamba grinned when I walked in and said "I've been saving something for you!" and tossed me a Jamba Juice stress ball, that it was going to be One Of Those Days.

I was MOD at the restaurant today, cause my boss needed to be in the city.  No big deal.  It was a Sharks night.  Not really a big deal.  I didn't have a host.  Annoying, but doable.  Then my food runner called in "Yellow and unable to go to the bathroom."  Sort of a big deal, but if the staff could make their own coffee drinks and pour their own wine, I could put the Cappuccino Bar guy on Host duty and I could run food.  Then one of my bus boys calls in half an hour before he's supposed to be there to tell me he had a tooth pulled today and couldn't come in.  I told him he had to find someone to take his shift or show up.  He showed up half an hour late, then left after a half an hour, leaving me running food, bussing tables (because, of course, our ONLY bus boy had to keep running room service) seating people during the rush, pouring drinks, resetting tables... needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper.  But I guess I need the reminders that this is only a stepping stone on my way to something bigger.

I've been putting in long days for most of the week.  Yesterday and Tuesday were 11 to 4:15 at NASA, 4:45 to 10 at the restaurant, then 10:30 to 2AM working on stuff for Moron Life, and for the San Francisco Improv Festival.  So that's probably alot of what has me cranky. You know, tired does that.

Tomorrow afternoon is picture time with ophanim, tomorrow evening at NASA, Saturday morning in SF to finish up the new SFIF website and train Shaun on how to use it.  Saturday night at the restaurant.  Sunday at NASA.  Monday back at the restaurant.  TUESDAY, I'm off.  Mmm, Tuesday.

I'd love to take a 3 day weekend and rent a cottage overlooking the ocean, or the forest, or something other than asphalt-- and just spend 3 days with a couple books for reading and my laptop for writing.  No internets, no phone, nothing but me time.  Of course renting a cottage for 3 days is cost prohibitive. :)  And I really don't want to stay in a hotel room, unless it's a fucking COOL hotel room.  Which is cost prohibitive.

Made it through the Improv Festival selection process.  Luckily the judges were all cool, and we didn't argue much on many of the choices.  I'm also now officially the SFIF07 Volunteer coordinator.  So if you're interested in volunteering, lemme know and I can hook you up with comp tickets and discounted Master Classes.  WHEEE!

My birthday is in a little over a month, and I want to do something fun for it, but there's alot of other stuff going on at the same time, which means many people will be all "go out and do something fun"ed out.  Maybe I'll just sneak home and hang out with my parents... of course my birthday weekend is always big awards festival at the community theater weekend, so there won't be much time for celebrating there, either.  Hrm...  THAT could be a good weekend to get away.  But spending birthday alone?  Enh, doesn't sound to appealing.  Maybe I'll just let this one go by and celebrate it at the anti-birthday in August.

So last month I spent way too much money on a bottle of Thomas Hardy's Ale from 1968, in an attempt to add to my collection.

Turns out that 1968 is the first year the beer was bottled, which is kinda cool.  It would be awesome to do a Vertical tasting... but oh so expensive. :)

Heh, one of the waitresses just sent me a Hallmark e-card to cheer me up after tonight.  :) 

My nose hurts for some inexplicable reason.  On the inside.  I think it's too dry with the heat running all the time... I may have to invest in a humidifier to keep the disaster area that is my bedroom moist.

I got a box of really nice truffles from the owner of the restaurant for helping her fix her computer.  Somehow she'd managed to rotate her screen 90 degrees, and actually had to have the monitor on its side... the box the truffles are in is made from hand made paper, and it has stars all over it.  "Because you're our star," she said, when she gave it to me.  That was nice.

I found a check for $20 in my mail slot here in the house!  It was a rebate check, and it had slipped down through the crack in my mail slot (I'm the top tier) so only a little bit was actually visible.  Not sure why I even looked down *IN* the mail slot, but I did, and just in time, the check is void after 1/21, so I have to deposit it tomorrow.

My mom sent me a link to the new Steven Spielberg filmmaker reality tv show thing today... if only I had time to actually make a demo movie to submit for consideration... but there's insufficient time to do it without dumping every other project I'm working on.

OH!  So the whole ungrateful actress problem.  She's now on Hiatus (of her own volition) which turns out to be a HUGE load off of our shoulders.  One less person to worry about keeping happy.  If you're interested in helping out (acting, crewing, whatevering) for Moron Life at any point, lemme know and I'll add you to our 'cool, reliable people we can call' list.

Maybe I should go camping.

But then I wouldn't be able to plug the laptop in... and it's fuck all cold!  Apparently I've finally lost my East Coast Edge.  I actually wore my scarf the other day.  Poor soft bastard.

At this point in the missive, I'm largely rambling.  If you've read this far, bully for you!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more exciting for you. :)

blah blah blah blah Ginger
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