The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

#66: Birthday Wrapup: Aught Seven

So this may not have been the most adventurous birthday1, nor the most surprising2, nor the most painful3, nor the most naughty4, it is notable for two reasons:

Birthday 2007 is the proud recipient of the "Longest Celebrated"5 and "Most Cakes"6 honors. 

It all started back on the 18th.  merlinofhcaosTurk and esmerelCarla joined me, Chef Forrest and family, and Catering Manager Cara and husband at Suppenküche for brunch.  Hearty German food and beers7... it was blissful.

Fast forward to Thursday.  Cake at Moron Life!  YAY!!  Tasty cake, too, which was fantastic.

Then comes Friday.  When I was supposed to be heading to DMV, Laura (Beer Activated Girl) kept finding excuses for me to hang out at the restaurant even though I was done.  Then there was cake and champagne and Sees Chocolate8.  Then DMV.  Then I got home to find a package from my parents which contained my now most favoriteist jacket.  Sooooo awesome.

Saturday brought early morning DimSum at the Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae with Cliff, Andrea, technocowboy, melibabe, lonespiritwolf2, gconnor, goldenlily, and swami_bob.  Surprisingly, the service was fantastic9.  Unsurprisingly, the food was great.

Post Sum, swami_bob joined me up in SF to hang out with Shaun and Hans before the Oui Be Negroes show.  I sat in on the post show jam, and then Shaun turned the closing night party into a quasi birthday party, complete with shamrock cookies and cheesecake.

Then, this morning, there was brunch with the restaurant staff at The Garage.  Mmmmm, bread pudding French toast.  Soooooooooooo tasty10.  And there was another cake.

So, yes, this year is the year of partys and cakes11.

Older, wiser, but still me

1. See 1990, turning 19 on the bus on the way to Daytona Beach for Spring Break.
2. See 2002, first of the surprise parties thrown by silas7
3. See 2003, immediately post bionic arm
4. See-- PSYCH!  My mom reads this people, come on!
5. 8 days
6. 4 cakes12
7. Mmmmmmmm, beers
8. I ate too many sweets
9. Last time, not so much
10. And evil
11. If I see one more cake, I may die12
12. Cupcakes don't count
Tags: 100 things, family, friends, happy, life

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