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I'm humbled at the talent in this cast I'm working with.  The fact that I was offered a guest spot in the show makes me feel really good about my skills.

On top of the music (I'd say 3/4 of the cast has perfect pitch) work, we're only doing little short improv scenes so far, in favor of honing our mind set on things like "How to find the protagonist in the scene" which really was a lesson on "How to not become the protagonist, and 100 ways to force it onto your scene partner."  One thing that is VERY evident here is that this isn't a cast of scene-hogs.  We actually had a serious conversation about all the tricks everyone uses to trick their scene partners into becoming the protagonist of the scene, and hence, the long-form*.  Everyone in the cast is of the "make everyone else look good" mind set, which, in my opinion, makes for such a better show.

I had the perfect set up for a scene, in which I was going to walk in, and in one fell swoop make Tara the heroine of the potential story.  Only, half way through the scene I realize that she had managed to deflect my swoop, and I ended up being the one who needed to break into song at the end of the scene.  That's how you know who the protagonist is... they'll generally be singing a "me" song at the end of the first scene.

But once again, I have to express my excitement at being able to do this, despite the hits that my wallet is going to take.  On the sort of up-side, though, our Catering Director at the restaurant has resigned (boooo, don't leave us!), and I've been asked to fill in until they can replace her.  Well, honestly, they offered me the job, but I declined on the basis that I would get the restaurant in trouble with a vitriol filled email when I got fed up with the Hotel staff's incompetence.

So there's the Pup-date!  Next week... TWO REHEARSALS AND A PUPPET MAKING DAY!!


*For those not 'in the know' Long Form Improv, unlike the Whoseline Style game Improv, takes one suggestion at the beginning of the night, then tells a continuous story from that.  We'll be doing a two hour improvised musical... with puppets... from one suggestion.  Holycrap.
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