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#62: Long Overdue PupDate

First, sorry this didn't get written after opening night, but I've pretty much been going non-stop since Thursday afternoon, and I'm freakin whooped.


Thursday day was sorta crazy.  Sprout came home earlier than I thought, which was cool, and at the same time distracting to pre-show prep.  But everything got done, and I got out the door at the target time, PLUS I got baby time.

On the way to the car, though, I had this huge bout of vertigo, got light headed, and thought I was going to puke.  I've not had nerves like that about a show in quite some time.  I took a couple minutes sitting in the car to clear my head, and then got under way and everything was fine.  Since we're recording all the shows, I had alot of extra equipment with me, so the trek on Bart, and from the Powell Street Station up to the theater was a bit more of a bitch than usual, but I persevered, got things set up, and was ready to go for warm ups.  Mandy (with a soft "a"), our director, was in typical director pre-show freakout mode, which was actually a bit reassuring, because when that happens, I immediately calm down in response.  One of the issues was that she'd not had a chance to hang the scrimesque legs on the stage so we had wings to work with, so Amber and I volunteered to come in early on Friday to get them hung.

We got warmed up, let the audience in (47 out of 51 seats filled), and we started.

And it was ALOT of fun.  We got some good laughs, and by the end of the third or fourth scene, we'd stopped being nervous and really started having fun.

melibabe made a surprise appearance, which was awesome, too.

All in all, the audience seemed to enjoy the show.  And while it had a bit of a shaky beginning, we were happy with the end result.

There was a sitdown Q&A with the audience after the show.  This is standard un-scripted policy after opening night, especially with a new show.  But unlike normal Q&As, *WE* asked them alot of questions about what worked and what didn't work from their point of view.  Awesomely, most of our suppositions were justified by the audience responses.  ::whew::

That got done, and we cleaned up and had notes, and we were out of the theater by about 10:45.  Our director lives down in Mountain View, so she offered to give me a lift back to Millbrae if I wanted to go out for post show festivities, which was cool, so the lot of us zipped across the street and had a drink at Rex's.  In the process of basking in our happy, we all realized that none of us had had time for dinner, so we adjourned to a diner to eat and talk more.

Needless to say, once all was said and done, I got home around 2:30, and was in bed by quarter of 3:00 AM.

Up at 10:30 on Friday and out the door by noon to meet Amber up in the city by 2:00.  We had a quick lunch, then hung legs and did other minor theater cleanup.

I wasn't performing on Friday, so it was sort of relaxing to just sit back and watch the show (the first show for some people).  They did a great job, and I had a blast.  senatorhatty and wildpaletz came to watch, so I got to hang out with them, which was also much with the greatness.

No post show for me Friday, cause I was just whooped.  Home by midnight, the new parents were up with the new baby, so we chatted a while, and I climbed into bed around 1:00.  Watched me some Stargate, and fell asleep around 2ish.

Saturday morning heard my alarm at 8:30, and I finally rolled out of bed around 9:30 to be out of the house by 10:00.  12:30 call for the matinée, and I had to set up camera, so I wanted to leave early enough to get everything done.  I actually made it out of the house by 10:30, and got to the city shortly after 12:00.  Got things set up, warmed up, and waited for the show to start (my first as a puppet).

melibabe was back for a second dose of Puppety Goodness.  And should_is showed up with Brian from the Jesters. Kathleen from Moron Life and her boyfriend were in the audience, too.

Damn, being a puppet is fun.  I made some really strong choices, and most of them added to the show in a positive way.  One minor blunder, advancing plot through song, which we TRY not to do, but it just sort of happened, and it worked in the long run, so I'm not going to overstress about it.

After the show, I had nice talks with all my friends who came to the show.  Also, I was randomly approached by two audience members who I didn't know, who shook my hand and complimented me on the work that I did.  I was a little surprised, but in a very pleasant way.  It's always a good feeling to be recognized for something, especially something you love doing.  So that was awesome.

Short notes, and then it was off to meet mom and her class at Pier 39 for dinner.  Home by 9:30ish, and I've spent the rest of the evening working on capturing video.  WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Here's a little clip from opening night.  The theme of the show was "procrastination," and I was the main character's roommate. The song clip is entitled "You've got to get yourself some sack," which came from a line earlier in the show. Just remember, the whole song (including music) is improvised. :) So be kind.

The video is sorta washed out, sorry about that.  It's hard with white faces on black background, especially when there's no one actually RUNNING the camera.  I need to work on that for next week.  I've also got to do something about the auto focus, cause it kept fucking up when the guy at the bottom of the screen moved around... oy.

I'm pulling a double at the restaurant tomorrow, so if any one wants to stop by for lunch (12-2) or dinner (5-9), feel free... I'll be there.

Puppet Cherry Popped
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