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From the Unscripted Newsletter

The Great Puppet Musical! opened this weekend to large enthusiastic audiences. It was an "energy storm of hilarity" according to the Contra Costa Times (see below). If you were there this weekend you saw:

Thursday: Putting It Off
Tim (Christian) procrastinates everything. But when he puts off asking for a raise just a little too long, he finds he's out of a job, his ex-girlfriend Becky (Tara) is sleeping with the lizard who fired him (puppet performed by Dave) in his spare room, and his former boss Andy (puppet performed by Mandy) who's mentally challenged after a tragic boating accident, has followed Tim home and now lives with him. Can Tim get his old job back and get his 4-star chef room-mate Mark (Clay) off his back?

Friday: Promises, Promises
Tim (puppet performed by Alan) needs a new coach for his t-ball team. Tim’s father Vince (Dave) needs more time in the day to be a single parent. Debbie (puppet performed by Amy) needs to take her mind off her ex, Steve (Zack). Together they find not all promises are made to be broken.

Saturday: Never Enough
When Thor (puppet performed by Tim) decides to capitalize on global warming by hording bottled water, he soon finds himself in jail robbed of everything he held dear. Soon he discovers all he really wanted was the respect of his girlfriend Debbie (puppet performed by Amber) and the love of his long lost brother Hidalgo (puppet performed by Clay).

Coupon: Use the coupon code WEEK2 to receive $3 off tickets for this weekend only!

Thursday: Mandy, Tara, Christian, Zack, Clay, Tim
Friday: Amber, Tara, Dave, Clay, Tim, Andy
Saturday: Mandy, Christian, Amy, Clay, Tim, Andy
Tags: puppets

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