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Last 2 Chances!!!

Hey again folks!

Only two more weekends of "The Great Puppet Musical" left, and I'm only performing Saturday each weekend.  So if you're still interested in seeing the show, check out  Get tickets early.  We're almost sold out for this Saturday already.  Use the coupon code GUEST and get a couple bucks off the ticket price.

Shows I'll be performing in:
Saturday 5/26
Saturday 6/2

More info:

        "In a world . . . where humans and puppets live side by side, and emotions are so strong they make you burst into song—everyone still has the same damn problems you do! In this fun, mischievous, improvised musical for grownups, the Un-Scripted Theater Company explores the meaning of life. Your life. Humans and puppets share the stage as they create a musical out of the air, looking at the trials of modern life from the big picture—and the small. Come see The Great Puppet Musical, and you'll see your world in a whole new way."

The Great Puppet Musical FAQ:

    We’ve had a lot of people asking us questions about our upcoming production of the Great Puppet Musical. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a few answers, dispel a few myths, and put a few rumors to rest.

    1. Yes, there will be puppets in the show.
    2. No, there will be more than just puppets in the show. There will be improvisors puppeteering the puppets and other improvisors performing as people.
    3. Yes, the show takes place in a world were puppets and people interact as equals in society.
    4. No, that’s really perfectly normal.
    5. Yes, the puppets have the same dreams, problems, desires, and wants as ordinary adults.
    6. Yes, those wants too, and even those.
    7. Yes, well, I suppose a puppet might want that.
    8. Yes, but what would anyone, let alone a puppet, need with that much… Ok, now you’re scaring me.
    9. No, this is not a children’s show.
    10. Yes, you can bring your children as long as you’re comfortable with the fact that, by the end of the show, they might know where babies come from.
    11. No, this show is not in any way associated with or affiliated with Sesame Street, The Muppets, Avenue Q, or Greg the Bunny.
    12. Yes, there will be one matinée, Saturday May 5th at 2pm. There will be no evening show that night. Every other show starts at 8pm.
    13. Yes, the show is a musical. There will be singing and dancing!
    14. Yes, it is a full-length, roughly 2 hour show with an intermission, much like your average Broadway musical, only with puppets… and no script… or pre-written musical score.
    15. No, well, I suppose maybe it might take place in a small town and possibly over the holidays, but if you’re looking for it to snow on stage you’ll have to wait until December and our production of Let It Snow!
    16. Yes, we will be giving away free popcorn and selling fresh baked cookies.
    17. Yes, the rumors you’ve heard about cheap quality beverages are true.
    18. Yes, many of the puppets have names. Take Marcel for instance, the dashing puppet with the green body, white head, and black button eyes who’s been improvising with Un-Scripted for close to a year now.
    19. No, when Marcel is in a show, he will play a character with a name other than Marcel, much like Dave always plays characters named something other than Dave.
    20. Yes, Marcel is single, but he’s rumored to be involved with Keira Knightly.

    That just about covers it. If you want to know anything else, you’ll have to come see the show!

    The Great Puppet Musical
    Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00pm, May 3 – June 2
    May 5th is at 2pm only
    The San Francisco Playhouse, 2nd Stage
    533 Sutter St.
    (between Powell & Mason, Near Powell St. BART)

    $15/$10 students and seniors
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