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#59: pUpdate: The Final Chapter -or- My Big Fat Gay Puppet Wedding

Sorry it's taken so long to get this posted.  I've been putting off doing it for some reason.  And by some reason I mean:
  • Restaurant
  • Improv Festival
  • Corporate Gigs
  • Sleep
  • Laundry

I'm just going to cut now, so folks can skip on by if they're not interested in the final Puppet Show Saga.

The show was alot of fun.  Was it good?  I dunno.  But it was FUN.  In attendance were melibabe, walid_muffin, katie_in_london (and most of the crew from Menopause the Musical, apparently), and phoenix_heart (with her new man).  Oh, and a bunch of other people, bringing the population of the audience to about 70.  And yes, it's a 50 seat theater.

Our suggestions were ends and beginnings: divorce, layoffs, finishing school, and shows closing (Menopause the Musical).  We had a peppy opening number, and then I found myself on stage with Marcel (a puppet being played by Alan) who immediately begin signing divorce papers.

It was at this point that I thought to myself, "Self, you can play a lawyer and be a bit role in the rest of this show, or you can sit down and sign the divorce papers too."  And so I sat down, and with one fell swoop of my pantomimed pen, I clubbed Alan over the head like a baby seal and took the protagonist role for the show.

Shit, that's exhausting.  I was in all but two short scenes in the show, which went thusly:

  • I got divorced from my puppet husband.

  • My one man show got closed.

  • My agent/producer somehow convinced me that my puppet ex-husband (also my writing partner for my one man shows, of which there were a slew [one man Hamlet, one man Pirates of Penzance, and some others]) and I should write the one man version of Miss Saigon... Ms. Nepal.

  • So we went to Nepal.

  • We struggled with Mt. Everest and each other.

  • We wrote the show and got back together.

  • The end.

Here is a clip from the opening of Ms. Nepal... it's cheesy as hell, and it ended up NOT being a one man show (thank god).

The audience was awesome, there was much talking and congratulating post show.  We struck the set and cleaned the theater, then the cast wandered down to Cafe Mason to get some food.  The Menopause crew was there, and when we walked into the restaurant, they all started cheering and applauding.  It was awesome, especially when people we didn't know pulled out their camera phones to take pictures thinking we were actually famous people. :D  There were a couple other people who'd been at the show there, too, and as they left, they stopped by the table to thank us and tell us how much they enjoyed everything.

It was a really good end to a really great experience.  Even the frustrations taught me things, and I made a bunch of new friends to add to my Rolodex of awesome people.

Now with super puppeting skills!
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