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The Yin and Yang of being a creative soul...

Those of you who follow the Facebewks or the Tweeterz may have noticed a desperate plea from me the other day.

I was kinda down. Some random tool who blogs for Cracked.com decided to pimp his parody of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You!" by turning it into an article about why people shouldn't make parodies. And of course, that meant he had to talk shit about all the other parodies, which drove the mindless masses to those parodies with the intent of talking smack. And talk smack they did. The thumbs downs and the "this is crap" comments just piled up, and in response, I took it personally and just got more and more down.

So down, in fact, that I ended up making a desperate plea to the internets for love (in a way that didn't involve Craigslist).

And, because my friends are awesome, they responded with love. Some of that love was tough love, too. I *WAS* being stupid about the whole situation. I know that the idiot trolls will just jump on the hate wagon because it's the cool thing to do. But some of my friends responded with straight up facts:

Random Troll
1: Subscribers: 0
2: Total Upload Views: 0

1: Subscribers: 79
2: Total Upload Views: 52,327

And really, that's what knocked me out of the slump. And so today started off in a better place than yesterday.

But then, today, I found out something that I SOOOOOOOOO wish I could rub in the faces of every one of those mouth breathing hate mongers...

I'm in the credits for a documentary that is appearing on a BluRay set for a HUGE movie that came out this summer. I'm not going to say which movie, but if you think about it hard enough you'll likey be able to figure it out. It's the coolest thing knowing that something I did was used for a project that is going to be shared around the world... and I freakin got credit for it.

So ya know what You Tube Haters and CrackedHeads and Cody Johnston? I could give a crap about what you think about my work. How many DVDs has your name appeared on?

This is my second. So suck it.

Still awesome after all these years...

(oh yeah, and thanks for the nearly 1000 extra views you got for "Frak You!")

As life would have it...

I never did a Belize wrapup, sorry about that.

Belize: The Final Chapter

The last day on Caye Caulker was filled with recovery. Lazy morning, fantastic breakfast, packing, roast pork for lunch, then we went out for a last night on the "town."

We caught the edge of tropical storm Agnes, so thankfully we picked a bar with a roof as the rain poured down.

I called it a little earlier than usual because I was having a slightly adverse reaction to the mosquito/sand flea bites on my feet. The guys stayed out all night, though, bringing the party home to the rooftop jacuzzi after the bars closed.

Monday morning saw a break in the clouds that had sheilded us from the blazing Carribean sun all week. Holy crap did it get burny hot really fast.

Once again, breakfast at Amor y Cafe, and then it was home to pack.

We opted for the 10 minute plane flight from Caye Caulker back to Belize City rather than the Water Taxi/Taxi route. It cost about $20 more, but took about an hour and a half less. Jeff traveled with us to the airport (which was a 2 room bungalo next to the runway) and in no time, we were in the air.

The flight home was uneventful (for me, others, not so much) and I ended up getting home around 1AM Tuesday morning.

The Rest of the Belize Photos.

Other good things: Saturday

I slept in till about 8AM yesterday, which, considering I'd been up at 5 on more than one occasion since returning from Belize, was GREAT. Showered, dressed, discovered that JGL retweeted a tweet I aimed in his direction the previous evening, packed my laptop, watered the plants, then headed out for Oakland to hang with melibabe as we had made plans to spend the entire day working on Project Monkey Dance.

As I walked from the house to the car, I realized just what an awesomely beautiful day it was, and I started the "If today were anymore Beautiful, I'd have to marry it" Tweet. But I didn't want to take the same picture of Mission Street at 7th that I usually post when I'm in the same situation, so I opted to wait until I was on the Bay Bridge and snap a photo there (yes, yes, I know, but it was just a photo, I wasn't texting or anything, chill!).

Unfortunately (or fortunately for those of you still screaming "DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE ASSHAT!") I had sort of forgotten that west bound Bay Bridge is the LOWER deck, so you really couldn't see anything. And so, in a fit of spontaneous "MUST... DOCUMENT... DAY..." furvor, I took the Treasure Island exit off the bridge for the very first time.

Coming around that first corner and getting a view of the city from the island, my heart almost burst from awesome. So I drove down until I came across a turn out, and snapped several iPhone shots to document it. They don't do it justice, but damn... so awesome.

The rest of the day was spent in Linda's kitchen, bashing our way through character sketches and threading events through a common timeline. We got alot of good work done, and even had some tasty food in the process.

Around 9PM, I headed home, watched a little TV, then slept an awesomely peaceful sleep.

Happy with the day.

Did I mention I also got a bit of a shoutout from Joe on his website? I'm such a drooling fanboy...